Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday's Dr Appointment

The girls went for their checkup yesterday. Gabbie's ears are cleared up, she is doing great. Her nose started running again yesterday though. I just got all her mucus issues cleared up! I am really bummed and am praying that it is just because of the crazy weather and wind we have been having.

Natalie's weight is still up from when we started her on the appetite stimulant, but she has lost a bit since her last visit to the Dr. We are keeping her in the medicine for the next 3 months. The Doctor said that she is fine with Natalie staying where she is weight-wise now, as long as she doesn't loose any more. So we have to check again in a few months to make sure that is not happening. The Doctor also noticed that Natalie looked paler than usual, so she had us go have blood work done to check her iron levels. That was not fun! Poor baby, had to have big needles in both arms to get enough blood. She did not like that! (Neither did I!) It turns out her iron is low, so she has to be on an iron supplement for 3 months, then they will check her levels again. -I am already dreading that! Poor little girl.


Talkin' Texan said...

I'm glad about the good news, but sad about the iron issue. Why is it low? Not eating any red meat? Give that girl some liver! lol

Tricia said...

I will give her whatever she will eat! Somehow, I don't think that liver would be on her list though... :o)