Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Hot HOT!

It's strange how things happen sometimes.

Our AC went out on Saturday. It was a pretty good day for it to go out I guess, you know, since it HAD to go out. It was cloudy and in the upper 80's, so we didn't totally melt. Saturday night was very cool and had a nice breeze, so we opened the windows...until it started to rain! Now we never complain about rain here, we always need it. I was a little bummed though at the timing of it. So I closed the windows, and thanked God for the rain.

Sunday was similar to Saturday, and since it was cooler outside than inside that evening, we mowed until it was too dark to see. It was a nice cool evening, but not a stitch of wind. Now we don't complain about the lack of wind here. A day where the wind only blows 15-20mph is usually considered a calm day. So it was very strange when I found myself praying for wind!

Now today it is in the 90's,and about 89 inside. There is nothing I can do to cool down. We finally got in touch with the guy that is going to come look at it for us. He said he will come tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I am not looking forward to that, since I am out of cooling ideas, and clothes that I can remove! I had errands that badly needed to be run tomorrow, but unless he comes early afternoon, it doesn't look like that will happen.

We woke up today and the phone lines and internet were out. Something strange is going on around here. That was the easy one to fix...of course.

At least maybe 4 days without the ac will make the electric bill smaller.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to Blah

Well, we are back home in the heat.
Our trip went great, both girls were great in the car. The weather was so nice. On Saturday it was in the 60's and rainy. The wind didn't blow at all. It was nice to get away and have fun as a family. We went into Red River and looked around at all the little gift shops. We saw deer, fox, turkey, and several birds at our cabin.

The fox came at night, so we were unable to get good pictures of them. Natalie thought they were cats, and meowed at them the whole time she saw them. Not much exciting happened, but that was probably what made it a great trip.

I had a crazy week planned this week, but everybody cancelled on me. So...I'm left with a Dr appointment for the girls to have their ears checked to make sure the infections are gone, and that's it. I'm excited. That leaves me more time for, "Do you want to sit in the potty?"
"NO!" And so the cycle continues....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here we go...

I am getting ready to leave town tonight when Tony gets off work. We are going to our family's cabin in New Mexico, close to Red River. I am so excited! The weather is supposed to be in the 70's for the highs, and 30's, and 40's for the lows! That is a big difference from the 90's and 100's that we have been having here.
We have never really had much of a family vacation like this, and even though it is only for the weekend, I am very much looking forward to getting away. This will be the longest trip that either of the girls have been on, so I don't know if I am looking forward to that part! We won't be leaving until 7:00 or later, and it is a five hour trip, so they will probably sleep for a big part of it. For now though, I better get back to packing, since Tony is working I have to pack for all four of us. Enjoy your weekend, I think I will!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Makes Me Angry

I think this speaks for itself. I hate hypocrisy. This is crazy!

They're Everywhere!

I know from some of my Myspace, and Facebook friends that I am not alone in this struggle. They are annoying, and trying to take what is not theirs. I have been fairly successful in keeping them away from me so far...until today. THEY... are ants. Teeny tiny, black ants. I have kept them out of the kitchen so far by making sure that I keep it clean and don't leave anything out that may attract them. I was at my bathroom sink (which is clean,by the way) and I saw a few ants crawling around. I followed those ants to see what could be so interesting in my bathroom. I saw them going into the cabinet that sits on the counter top. I opened the door to see dozens of ants crawling up to the top shelf. I continued to follow the stupid things straight mouthwash! They were all over the the bottle. I cleaned, and killed all the ants, but couldn't find where they were coming from. A few hours later, I go in to check on my mouthwash, and find it covered in ants AGAIN!! I clean and kill again, and this time there are enough ants that I am able to follow the trail ton see where they are coming from. The ceiling! Sneaky little boogers! Who would think to check for ants coming in around the ceiling! So I finally got all the ants out of the bathroom. I will have to go check in a little bit to make sure they haven't come back. Somewhere outside there are some ants with some serious breath issues, or they have a bit of an alcohol problem.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trying to Recover

I didn't get around to posting yesterday. It was a crazy day! I was only home for about 2 hours, for nap time.

I still am not feeling well, it feels like I have a giant vise just squeezing my head. Major sinus pressure/infection. And to top it off, the wind is STILL blowing over 30mph, for like the fourth day in a row. It doesn't look like I am going to be getting better very quickly. Since I am nursing I can't take anything to unclog my head either. So, my head is a throbbing fog, the wind is blowing, the temp outside is above 100 for the 5th day this month...I told Tony that I am not leaving the house today!

Since I'm staying in, that means its time to give the potty training another shot. We had two successful trips to the potty this morning! I was so excited...then we had three times of not making it in time, so I'm back to not being so sure. Oh well, when she gets up from her nap we will try again.

Naps have been a struggle lately as well. She goes to bed, but plays/talks/yells, for a hour or more before she goes to sleep. By the time she finally goes to sleep she doesn't get to sleep for very long before I have to wake her up so she will sleep at night. Gabbie won't sleep for more than 30 min at a time during the day lately either, so things have been a little crazy around here! Hopefully soon we can find a routine that will work for all of us.

I still am trying to figure out/find the time to get more stuff put on here. (pictures etc.), so check back. Hopefully it will get better.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh Mondays...

I usually get behind over the weekend since Tony is off on Sundays. We usually just relax after church, and I have to get busy on Monday getting caught up on the laundry and cleaning. We didn't make it to church yesterday since the girls have been sick. (They both have ear infections.) They are feeling better, but the antibiotics make them cranky. I didn't think it would be very nice to make a nursery worker have to deal with that, so we stayed home. The good thing is, we can listen to the sermon online, so we don't miss to much. It's a good thing we did, Natalie was better, but Gabbie was the cranky one. She had a hard time going to sleep for her naps, and when she did would only sleep for 30 min or less, so she just cried. She was so tired. She is on her 2nd nap of the day today, so maybe she will do better.
I actually got a bit of housework done yesterday since Dada was home to play with the girls,(so nice!) so I am not starting out behind today! That has turned out to be a good thing since I started getting a sore throat last night, and my grandparents from out of town stopped by for a little bit this afternoon. I don't feel too sick, just stuffy in the head and a little tired. Maybe it's just allergies? Who knows. My sister has strep, and the girls have had the ear infections. I know I'm not as bad as either of those.

Right now I am at that wonderful part of the day where both girls are down for their naps. Natalie isn't asleep yet, she is telling me now that she has a dirty diaper. I know, what you are thinking, she needs to be potty trained if she can do that! I used to think so too. We are working on it, but she won't tell me that she NEEDS to go, only that she HAS gone. Past tense. URGH! I guess I need to go take care of that. Then I need to make some banana bread with the black bananas that are on the counter before the fruit flies and ants find them. After that I will try to work more on getting this site up and running, and hopefully put something interesting on it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trying things out

So I'm new to blogging. I'm not a writer, as you will probably soon be able to tell. I don't even know if this is going to be successful or not.
I am a full time mom. I have two little girls, one of which needs to be potty trained, which means I am crazy busy!
Hopefully I will have time to put up enough new posts to keep it interesting. Since I don't know how this is going to turn out, I am going to do a bit of a trial run before I let anybody in on my musings. Nothing terribly exciting happens to me very often, but maybe this will be a way for the 3 or so people who actually care to keep in touch. If nothing else maybe it will be a way for me to keep my own crazy life in perspective. So here goes...