Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh Mondays...

I usually get behind over the weekend since Tony is off on Sundays. We usually just relax after church, and I have to get busy on Monday getting caught up on the laundry and cleaning. We didn't make it to church yesterday since the girls have been sick. (They both have ear infections.) They are feeling better, but the antibiotics make them cranky. I didn't think it would be very nice to make a nursery worker have to deal with that, so we stayed home. The good thing is, we can listen to the sermon online, so we don't miss to much. It's a good thing we did, Natalie was better, but Gabbie was the cranky one. She had a hard time going to sleep for her naps, and when she did would only sleep for 30 min or less, so she just cried. She was so tired. She is on her 2nd nap of the day today, so maybe she will do better.
I actually got a bit of housework done yesterday since Dada was home to play with the girls,(so nice!) so I am not starting out behind today! That has turned out to be a good thing since I started getting a sore throat last night, and my grandparents from out of town stopped by for a little bit this afternoon. I don't feel too sick, just stuffy in the head and a little tired. Maybe it's just allergies? Who knows. My sister has strep, and the girls have had the ear infections. I know I'm not as bad as either of those.

Right now I am at that wonderful part of the day where both girls are down for their naps. Natalie isn't asleep yet, she is telling me now that she has a dirty diaper. I know, what you are thinking, she needs to be potty trained if she can do that! I used to think so too. We are working on it, but she won't tell me that she NEEDS to go, only that she HAS gone. Past tense. URGH! I guess I need to go take care of that. Then I need to make some banana bread with the black bananas that are on the counter before the fruit flies and ants find them. After that I will try to work more on getting this site up and running, and hopefully put something interesting on it.

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