Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Hot HOT!

It's strange how things happen sometimes.

Our AC went out on Saturday. It was a pretty good day for it to go out I guess, you know, since it HAD to go out. It was cloudy and in the upper 80's, so we didn't totally melt. Saturday night was very cool and had a nice breeze, so we opened the windows...until it started to rain! Now we never complain about rain here, we always need it. I was a little bummed though at the timing of it. So I closed the windows, and thanked God for the rain.

Sunday was similar to Saturday, and since it was cooler outside than inside that evening, we mowed until it was too dark to see. It was a nice cool evening, but not a stitch of wind. Now we don't complain about the lack of wind here. A day where the wind only blows 15-20mph is usually considered a calm day. So it was very strange when I found myself praying for wind!

Now today it is in the 90's,and about 89 inside. There is nothing I can do to cool down. We finally got in touch with the guy that is going to come look at it for us. He said he will come tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I am not looking forward to that, since I am out of cooling ideas, and clothes that I can remove! I had errands that badly needed to be run tomorrow, but unless he comes early afternoon, it doesn't look like that will happen.

We woke up today and the phone lines and internet were out. Something strange is going on around here. That was the easy one to fix...of course.

At least maybe 4 days without the ac will make the electric bill smaller.

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