Friday, March 19, 2010

Tech School Graduation

Today Tony (finally) graduated Tech school! We are so excited! He got Distinguished Grad too! That means that he had really good grades, never got in trouble for anything and had an instructor recommendation. I'm not surprised, and I'm very proud of him! This day has been a long time in coming for us. He has already been in the Air Force for almost 8 months! It seems like forever, and not that long at the same time. The fact that it has been 8 months and he is still in training is starting to get a little old! He has another 2 week-long training class and then we are off to Hawaii! We are very anxious to get to our duty station and be able to start this new part of our lives

My parents are visiting us for a few days since we won't have time to go to Amarillo before we move. They took the girls out to eat tonight and they are spending the night at Mimi and Pawpaw's camping trailer! We have no kids for the whole evening AND night. That has never happened! It is so nice! We went out to dinner with the other married couples from Tony's class. It has been nice having some friends for our time here. We don't really do much with them since we don't have a babysitter very often, but we have a lot of fun on the rare occasions that we were able to get together. Tonight we had fun celebrating that tech school is finally over! All the couples except for us are leaving town tomorrow to go to their new stations. This was our first time to say good-bye to friends that we have met in the Air Force.(first of many I'm sure, so we will have to get used to it) :o) It is bitter sweet. We are all so excited to be going to our new places, but we will always have this common bond of surviving tech school together. I am thankful for Facebook that lets us all keep in touch. Someday our paths just might cross again!

Natalie gave herself a haircut last night. She cut the hair in the front down to the scalp, and took big chunks out of the rest of it. I took her to a salon today to get it fixed. I will admit that it could have been much worse. She looks a lot older now with her new layered hairstyle.

Natalie's version


And a picture of Gabbie, so she is included. :o) Plus it is so RARE that she will actually smile for the camera! I think she is so cute in this one!

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Sarah Ann said...

Congrats!! What a sweet little family!
PS - I love your blog!!