Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, you saw the front of the house in the last post. Here is some of the inside! We are finally settled into our house! No more hotel living for us. That makes me very happy.

The Staircase. There are lots of stairs.

The view from the front door.

The Girls' bathroom. I LOVE having more than 1 bathroom!

The "great room" Living, dining, and kitchen.

Living room
Dining area


And of course the kitchen!

I am so very happy to be in a house again. Our house is big and beautiful. We are so very blessed to be able to be living in a newer house here. It was worth the wait!

We had a bit of a rough time getting the house. The washer and dryer that were supposed to be included, weren't. The housing office told us it would be another 10 days before we could get one. Uhhh, I have 2 toddlers. 10 days wasn't going to work very well! So, I stayed persistent and kept calling the office until they managed to find me one after 4 days. Then, the day we got the washer and dryer we got a call saying that our dishwasher has been recalled...and we shouldn't be using it! Are you kidding me??! What's next, are they going to come and take my refrigerator? Ha ha. I have not been using my much! I know, I know. But it's been running fine for the last 2 or so years. So I figure if it's going to start a fire, it would have already. I never leave it running when I'm not home, or overnight. I'm trying to quit, I really am. I'm just having to work up to it I guess.
I few things were damaged in the move, but nothing that can't be replaced. I'm thankful for that. The back of our leather couch got torn up, but I guess that's something that I'm just going to have to live with. We are turning all the paperwork in to be compensated, so we will see what happens. I'm not expecting much.
We have laminate flooring downstairs and high ceilings, so even with all our stuff in the house it is still very loud. It's very white too. We aren't allowed to paint or anything. So I get to buy curtains and some decor soon to soften things up a bit. I'm excited!

Almost 1 year ago, it was prophesied over me at church while Tony was away at basic training that "It's always darkest before the dawn. But the dawn is coming, and it's going to be brighter than you've imagined." Well, there have been some dark times since then. But I never imagined that I would be living in Hawaii, in a house like this! Maybe this is the Dawn that He was telling me about. :o) It kinda looks that way to me.


Tracey said...

The house looks great! Happy for you guys! Enjoy it!

Rachel said...

Beautiful house! My first thought when I saw the vaulted ceiling by the staircase was "oh, that's going to cost a chunk to heat!" But wait - you're in HAWAII! Probably won't need to worry about heating costs there. :)
I'm so glad it was worth the wait for you. I hope you're feeling settled and at home.

Tricia said...

Yep, no heating costs here! :o) We actually don't have to pay any utilities at all. In a couple of months we will only have to pay if we go over a certain amount each month. It's great!

Talkin' Texan said...

Heating might not be a problem, but I've always wondered how do you get those spider webs? Do you have spiders there?

Katelin said...

What a beautiful home! :)

Martha said...

i love your house it is so nice. the housing here at Langley sucks. They are starting to tear down all the old housing since it's come the 60's and starting to build new ones. We decided not to live in them cause they had led in them and who knows what else. We would not be able to get into the new housing for 2-4 years and I figured what was the point. Now we are going to have to start looking for a new place to live cause the apartments that we are living in are way to much. We pay 1123.00 a month and that only includes water. All the apartments that are cheap are so run down and all the nice or decent ones just cost so much. Matt said that he is going to put in a request to get stationed out of Langley early cause Hampton is not a good place to be living. We both hate and it the area is just to expensive.

Tricia said...

Thanks everybody.

Yes, we do have spiders here! I'm thinking that those spider webs, and the windows up there...just aren't going to get cleaned!

Martha, good luck! I hope you find a better place to live soon!