Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting Ready...

As you can tell from my countdown on the side, Tony is leaving very soon! Thankfully he was able to take the last few days off of work and still get paid, so we have had a little while to get things ready for him to go, and also enjoy spending some extra time together.

About a week and a half ago, any time I would think about Tony leaving I would start to panic. How am I going to survive for the next 2-3 months all by myself? Well our couples life group had a special prayer time for us last week. They shared words that God had given them about us as well.

Some of the things they said-

God was impressed with Tony on the amount of prayer and seeking God and his will, in making this decision. Because this is HIS will for our family, we will be blessed and successful! (We joined this life group after we had decided to join the Air Force, and haven't really told them our story, and just how much we had sought God on this decision. ) It was so good to hear our leader say this. It is confirmation that his word did come from God.

He said that Satan knows that there is a "Hedge of protection" around our family. Job 1:10

They prayed peace over me, and said that they felt that God was going to make this time go by very quickly!

During the prayer I felt His peace. The fear and anxiety left, and I am feeling pretty good! I really feel like this is going to be a great time of growth for me as a person, and better time spent with God. I think it will also be good for our marriage, as we will better see how we take each other for granted, and don't appreciate each other as we should. Don't get me wrong...I will miss Tony a lot, and I'm sure that I will have days that I am ready to pull my hair out and I will be clinging to that peace by a small thread. However, now I think I have a much better perspective on the next 10-12 weeks. Please keep praying for me! I feel them already.

Now I don't want to come across as complaining in any way. We are very excited about our new life, and are willing to make this small sacrifice. I know that someday deployment will come and we will be apart for longer than this. So many women have gone through what I am facing and so much more! I know that I am nothing unusual or special in this case. This is just the first time that we have been apart more than 1 night since we have been married. It will probably take some getting used to! I'm not sure if adding 2 little girls to it makes it easier or harder. I will be busier and not as lonely, so that will make it easier. On the other hand...I will have two toddlers all by myself! Yikes! Definitely pray for me on that one!

Tony has to meet with the recruiter at 4pm on Monday. From there he will check into a hotel in town. We will be able to hang out with him there a little bit. We plan to try to take the girls swimming, if there aren't too many other guys there waiting to leave as well. After we eat supper, then we plan to come home and put the girls to bed and then I will take him back to the hotel. He has to be at MEPS at 4:30 the next morning. We don't know what time his flight to San Antonio is yet. That is the plan anyway...we'll see if it actually happens!

We'll keep you posted on this new chapter of our life.

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Walter Mitty said...

I'm thinking it would help if you would each pick a Bible verse to memorize as encouragement when a discouraging situation arises. I Know that Tony is capable of completing his boot camp if he sets his mind to it. Sometimes it will be difficult but if he hangs in there and does not quit he will do ok. God Bless and watch over you all.