Friday, March 20, 2009

So Busy

So far this year has been so busy for me! I can't believe that it is already the middle of March! Happy first day of Spring!

Last weekend we enjoyed Kaleena, Clint and Mimi coming to visit for a few days. The whole weekend passed and I didn't get any pictures though. I'm telling you, I have been busy!

The girls have been keeping me so busy! I am tired all the time, and it seems like most days I can't get a break. Natalie is getting closer to 3, so she is getting better at listening, following directions, and obeying. -Sometimes! We have good and bad days with her, the good days are REALLY good, and the bad days... well lets just say that her bottom stays pretty red those days! She has memorized her first Bible verse-Col 3:20 "Children Obey your parents." She can say it really well, but we are still working on the understanding of what it means I think.

Gabbie has been having lots of trouble with ear infections lately. She had one a little over a month ago that the first round of antibiotics didn't clear up, so we had to do more to finally get rid of that 2 week long infection. The Dr. checked her and said that it was finally gone, and then 2 days later she started running fever again. We went BACK to the Dr., and she had another one! We tried antibiotics again, and the day we stopped them her fever came back. It was the weekend, and Sunday night her fever got up to 104.2! So back to the Doctor Monday morning. This time we did 3 days of REALLY painful antibiotic shots, and then 5 more days of oral antibiotics. After 4 days of her fever being 102 or higher I think she is finally feeling better. If her ears don't clear all the way up this time, or if the infection comes back anytime soon we will do tubes. I have lost count of how many times we have been to the doctor lately, and how long she has been on antibiotics. I know she has been taking them for around a month now, with not much break.

It is almost time for naps now, it is my favorite time of day!

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Walter Mitty said...

I really appreciate you raising those girls to know the Lord. Memorizing scripture is awesome. :)
Keep up the good work.