Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not Much Happening

The potty training is going great! We are having few accidents, and she is telling me most of the time when she needs to go. I am so relived! The real test will be church Sunday, hopefully she will tell her teachers that she needs to go, and I won't have to deal with an accident there.
I don't have much new news to tell about, but Tony is always asking me if I wrote on my blog, so maybe this will make him happy! :)
Gabbie is getting closer to crawling, she can scoot herself across the floor pretty well, just not up on her hands and knees yet.
Today is all cloudy and rainy, and (Get this!) 61 degrees right now!!!!!! It is only supposed to be in the low 70's today. Not usual weather for August I'll tell you. I was planning to take advantage of the cool weather and play in the sandbox today, but I am very happy to take the rain instead! Now I plan to enjoy the cool day inside-today I will be able to open the blinds, and the ac won't have to run non-stop!

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The Taylors said...

Hey Tricia, thanks for your thoughts. i'm very tired today. I was born w/ adrenal hyperplasia but whatever is going on w/ my body now has nothing to do w/ my current condition. how's your family? potty training is so much fun isn't it?!?!?! let me know how that's going. k. well, enjoy this saturday full of rain and cold!!